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Tools and Resources for Optimizing your Compensation

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Technical communications compensation surveys Technical Communications compensation surveys

Technical communications compensation surveys General-purpose compensation surveys:,, ($), SalaryExpert ($), ($), and Glassdoor has extensive salary information for major technology companies, available free when you post salary data of your own.

Paycheck calculators Paycheck calculators

  • Bonus calculator (percent method)
  • Bonus calculator (lump sum method)
  • Form W-4 Assistant
  • Stock option withholding calculator

Relocation calculators and research Relocation calculators and research

All about employee stock options Understanding employee stock options

Other kinds of compensation Other popular forms of non-salary compensation

  • 2+ weeks' paid vacation
  • flexible work hours
  • 401(k) plan with employer matching
  • flexible spending account (Section 125 plan)
  • bonuses (signing, performance, referrals, etc)
  • mobile phone reimbursement
  • child/elder care assistance
  • paid premiums for (non-company-plan) health insurance
  • computer reimbursement
  • profit sharing
  • domestic partner benefits
  • relocation
  • educational tuition reimbursement
  • sabbatical (eg, four months paid leave after four years' service)
  • employee stock ownership plan
  • stock options
  • family or bereavement leave
  • telecommuting

Softening the blow during downsizing When reducing their workforce, companies can soften the blow like this:

  • accelerated stock option vesting
  • outplacement services, such as
  • computer equipment or relocation loan forgiveness
  • paid healthcare/COBRA benefits
  • relocation loan forgiveness
  • resume-writing services
  • severance pay (eg, one month/year of service)




Dealing with recruiters and negotiating compensation Dealing with Recruiters and Negotiating Compensation

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